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Electric car gets a speeding ticket

As if the Tesla Roadster needed any more street cred it's just got the vehicular equivalent of an ASBO in the form of a speeding ticket. According to Topspeed it was caught by traffic cops on the outskirts of its Californian hometown of San Carlos, though the actual speed in question is not reported.

Tesla Roadster.jpg

Suspicions are raised that it might just have been a bit of a PR stunt to get more press coverage at a time when the Electrum Spyder has been hogging the local headlines after making its debut at the Altcar Expo last weekend. With only 10,000 attendees compared to the million or so who show up for the LA Auto Show, it might seem like a minor event, but I'm sure that will change by next year.

Bosses at Universal Electric Vehicle Corp were well chuffed with the 17 people who were happy to put down their $20,000 deposits during the two day show. That secures their ownership of the $70,000 roadsters which go to production as soon as 100 purchases are committed, probably August 2007.


Mainstream auto manufacturers are often sceptical of start-up companies' ability to provide service to their customers, and CEO Greg Lane acknowledged there were limits to what he can do when it comes to repairs.

"If you live out of state, we'll sell you one," he said. "But you're on your own."

That's the unfortunate truth about many EV companies - they just don't have the geographical spread for servicing and back-up; but in the UK we'll probably find the market kicks off much quicker just because of our small geography. I only wish it would hurry up.

Posted on Tuesday, December 12, 2006 at 01:29PM by Registered CommenterChristine Gupta in | Comments1 Comment

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EV builder/owners already know that they are on their own.. that's what makes the TESLA model so invigorating. True to their name sake they have thought out everything. For that matter it is probably why they will be successful, people don't have the vaguest idea of how to maintain, repair or just how their vehicle runs these days. This lack of knowledge/curiousity insures the future of big 4 and gas cars.
December 19, 2006 | Unregistered Commentertina juarez

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