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Cambodia's electric car and its bonkers development team

'Made in Cambodia' - not something you see on a car every day. And calling its new EV after its sacred city long buried in jungle suggests that Cambodia has history-making ambitions for the Angkor electric car.

The two-seater's totally bonkers scissor doors are what initially caught my eye while trawling back through Autobloggreen. They give it a bit of an EasterBunny look, but aside from the cute angle, they could just be a bit of a problem if you're trying to open them in your home garage.

Angkor electric car made in Cambodia by Heng Development Co

This new EV is to be made by Heng Development Co., but they're not giving much away about the specifics except that it claims a respectable range of 186 miles on a full charge, dizzying top speed (NOT) OF 37 mph and will retail for less than $10,000. Surely that can't include the cost of the battery? Well, whatever the case, it's refreshing to see an electric car coming from a new part of the world in automotive terms.

On delving further I came upon this delightful gem of nonsense. Seang Chan Heng said last year that Angkor Car models would be released in 2012, and added that her company would work with inventor Nhean Phalloek who has been building cars for years. Phalloek has form - he apparently claimed back in 2009 that he'd built a feature into the car that would allow him to open the doors "telepathically." Aye, right. (Note how effectively a double positive conveys a negative meaning when uttered with Scottish accent.)

Turns out that Mrs Heng's got form as well, but of a more threatening type. Wouldn't want to fall out with her over a game of ping pong.

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