The electric sportscar that runs on salt water

The company that developed this electric car have spent so much on their stunning launch video that I'm almost convinced they've got the financial clout to take it all the way from prototype to production car. And it runs on salt water. How cool is that!

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How to future-proof your electric car for the next 80 years

Soon you'll be able to update functions in your electric car as easily as downloading a new app for your iPhone. That's one benefit of a new technology Siemens is working on that will transform electric cars into 'rolling computers'

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China’s electric car-as-a-service

Ignoring the common view that ‘Chinese innovation’ is a bit of an oxymoron, here’s a really innovative idea from China that could turn the auto industry on its head.

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An EV turkey for lazy electric car owners

Evatran has just launched its plugless wireless EV charger at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Offering a princely 30% reduction off its $3,000 price tag to the first 250 customers. The 240V station will be installed by Bosch and needs a specific adapter to be used with the Volt or the Leaf - and it only works with older Leaf models. Too bad for late adopters of EV who fancy ditching the plug, though Evatran says it will announce wireless chargers for additional EVs and model years later this year.

Evatran plugless wireless charging unitAm I being too much of a killjoy here or is this really just gratuitous use of wireless technology?

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How the Tesla Model S ends up as a bargain in Norway

You'd think that a starting price of 69,440 euros would hamper sales of the Tesla Model S in Europe when the same model only costs 47,000 euros in the US, but it's selling like hot cakes in Norway. 1433 have been sold there since August this year and 527 of them in November alone, so what's the secret to their success?

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